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Wednesday, May 21, 2003
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This is an archive of certain entries from University Blog. This second blog contains an archive of the posts from the original blog - from March 2003 and earlier - which relate to the issues of war and foreign policy. Please also visit the main blog, at - That site is updated regularly.


Note: A few months ago, I also decided to use this top entry to provide some of the latest news and viewpoints on these current issues. My past war-related entries are still archived here, and can be viewed by scrolling down.

Also see: Prior recap, from Pieter Friedrich


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Remembering Rothbard: Our Antiwar Archive
U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)
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Henry Hyde, R.I.P.
Pre-retirement speech - attacking the neocon leftist foreign policy vision

Aaron Russo, R.I.P.

U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) is retiring

Iowa Straw Poll - Who will finish at the top?
red bullet An article on Dr. Ron Paul and the 2008 presidential race (endorsement not implied)

William K. Shearer, R.I.P.

I wish I had time, to blog like I used to... or even half as much as I used to. Back when my blogging was better, I was posting a lot (on my main weblog) on the issue of war and foreign policy. Because I wanted an archive of those entries published before the current war began, I started this secondary blog. However, this top post now serves as a place where I can post updates and links, about recent events.

If you look through those pre-war blog entries of mine, you can see that two of them mention William K. Shearer, a constititutionalist conservative writer, and former Chairman of the U.S. Taxpayers Party (now known as the Constitution Party).

He was first mentioned in my Nov. 19, 2002 entry, in which I linked to his thought-provoking column written in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks (addressed further below). And my famous listing of conservative columnists who opposed the Iraq War [which I remember caught the eye of antiwar conservative political activist Mark Dankof, who I just discovered now hosts a radio show - with podcast links] includes Mr. Shearer; that link went to another of his columns, which had been e-mailed to me by California constitutionalist Reed Heustis.

William K. Shearer, R.I.P.

Mr. Shearer passed away on March 3rd of this year, in San Diego, at the age of 75. The postings here and here, at non-partisan, and non-ideologically aligned, websites, show that he meant a great deal to many people, and will be sorely missed.

This continues the trend I fearfully addressed in my birthday tribute to the [still-living!] Joseph Sobran (and my shocked reaction to the recently-deceased Jude Wanniski) about the fact that our nation, and our movement (of genuine conservatism) now seems to be losing its key figures. [I guess this makes sense somewhat, since it is called the "Old" Right.] James Lawrence Kris Wampler But this further reinforces the points that myself, and people such as James Lawrence, Kris Wampler, Francisco Gonzalez, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Adam Fierro, Kevin DeAnna, Craig Burgers, Marcus Epstein, and our friends in Michigan and elsewhere (including D.C.!) have been making, about the importance of promoting traditionalist conservatism within the people of our generation - in opposition to the statist, neocon mindset that has been prevalent (though thankfully, not so much anymore, despite the article by our friend Mr. McCarthy - see the 7th paragraph of my latest blog entry).

Congressman Ron Paul for President 2008 Update (6/6/07): I guess I should have included Jared Chicoine, above!

Update (5/28/07): I just realized that the Old Right has actually collapsed once before, due in part to the passing of several of its key national leaders.

We were able to resurrect it though, after the Cold War ended... At the start of 1992, even Murray Rothbard proclaimed, "...the Old Right is suddenly back!", and actually rejoined the Republican Party, to support Pat Buchanan's energetic challenge to the incumbent GOP President. And, as I've written before, the Clinton Presidency caused many conservatives and leading Republicans to become anti-war and anti-state - including among the youth.

Some thought that traditionalist conservatism was dead again however, due to how poorly Pat Buchanan did, in his 2000 run for President. It was only a couple of years later however, that it began to re-emerge, and now, even some of the CRs and conservatives of my generation are being impacted by the traditionalist perspectives, not only on immigration, but on foreign policy as well (as alluded to above).

I guess this may be a somewhat reassuring sign, that even if a movement fades away, due to the passing of its major leaders, that it can be brought back.

Murray Newton Rothbard: Antiwar Archive

red bullet Raj Peter Bhakta (antiwar Republican congressional candidate): Elephant news...
Raj takes a stand on border security Update: Raj on the border ~ News video reports - - - - - - [TV Squad ] [ Times of India ] [ Daisy Cutter via Conservative Cat] [ Rhymes with Right ] - - -

U.S. Congressman Jimmy Duncan John James Duncan, Antiwar Conservative: Go Congressman Duncan, Go!!
Congressional Speech from before the war began

D*mmit!! Another pro-sovereignty, pro-liberty, constitutionalist leader perishes... Former U.S. Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth-Hage killed in car crash
Anti-war column from 1999

New: The Christian Conservative Who Opposed the Vietnam War
[also see here (journal article) and here, and this refreshing piece by conservative columnist Cal Thomas]

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red star Visit the new Patrick J. Buchanan website, from our friends at For the Cause!

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Harry Browne, R.I.P. [latest news]

New Poll: Most troops support withdrawal from Iraq [Stars and Stripes] [CS Monitor]
Iraq draining National Guard

US post-war planning for Iraq almost non-existent [Washington Post item] [Washington Times article]

William F. Buckley bails on the war...
Even Hush Bimbo Rush Limbaugh recognizes the antiwar Right
Will Cheney be out in '06??

Senator Joseph Bruno - A distinguished war veteran and Republican leader who opposes the current Iraq war * Senator Bruno *
NY Senate Majority Leader (R): 'Get the Troops Out of There'
GOP partisans are not pleased...

Bruce Bartlett: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy Buy Bruce Bartlett's Book!! *Why he wrote it* [latest coverage]

Black History Month: Charles Evers (civil rights leader & brother of Medgar Evers)... We knew [from before] that he is a conservative and prominent Republican, but did you know that he's also anti-war?
An Anti-War Republican from Mississippi

Raj Bhakta
Raj Peter Bhakta... for U.S. Congress!?
New: From, March 9 - Ex-'Apprentice' Running for Congress

May 31, 2005
Like with the item before this one, I should have posted this weeks ago:

Colonel David Hackworth Colonel David Hackworth
(1930 - 2005)

This was a shock, when I saw the news earlier this month. The funeral was today, in Arlington National Cemetery.

R.I.P., Colonel Hackworth

March 4, 2005
I should have posted this two weeks ago:

Dr. Samuel Francis (1947-2005)

Check out, and their special memorial section
|| VDare's section || Washington Times article || Middle American News page ||
|| blog entry || Creators' Syndicate page ||

Update: U.S. Rep. John Duncan, Jr. (R-TN): Congressional statement on the passing of Dr. Francis

Tribute to Sam Francis, Sobran's

Sam Francis, RIP - excellent entry by our friend Dan Flynn

The great pro-liberty Republican Congressman reflects on what's happened...

General Anthony Zinni and Renowned Writer Tom Clancy - - - - - - - - - -

Latest election news...

-- *NEW* --- Respected conservatives also oppose this war [PDF scan]
-- *NEW* --- The Return of Antiwar Conservatism
-- *NEW* --- Earlier supported by Democrats, Pre-emptive warfare is still wrong [also posted here]
-- *NEW* --- Is Kerry the new neocon hawk?

-- Kerry and leading Republicans blast Bush on Iraq

*** Republican Congressman regrets supporting the war
--- Recent articles --- Letter to constituents from U.S. Rep. Doug Bereuter (R-NE)

(Hat tip to our friend Dan Flynn) ----- [Buy his new book!] Intellectual Morons - in paperback!

[Note: The GOP U.S. Senator from this congressman's same state (who I just saw is considering a run for President in 2008) also opposes the Iraq war - he is a respected war veteran who was one of the Republican leaders who were trying to stop it from taking place. If only they had succeeded...]

NEW *** Another outgoing conservative Congressman changes his position on the war
--- Additional news --- (Original) Official Position in support of Pres. Bush's plans for Iraq from U.S. Rep. Ken Lucas (D-KY)

Recent additions to the blogroll: Conservative leader Dan Flynn, award-winning journalist J.H. Huebert, traditional conservative Steve's 'absit invidia,' and Aussie Tim Gillin.

Latest news...
(August 9, 2004)
DR. ALAN KEYES is our new U.S. Senate nominee!!

A great conservative leader... I don't know whether Keyes would have decided to go to war with Iraq, but here's what he's said about war in the past:
- Globalism's police force
- Terrorism -- American style
- Kosovo and the American Contradiction
- What are we doing?
- Alan Keyes on Kosovo
- Alan Keyes on Bosnia

--- Keyes vs. neoconservatism

- Another Democrat endorses Bush... (via
- NEW! - Another Democrat mayor backs Bush (via World Net Daily)
- Democrats urge party to shun Michael Moore
- Is Badnarik the "last antiwar candidate standing"?
- Or... Has Bush become a realist?
- What about Peroutka?

Latest news...
(July 29, 2004)

Democrats Love War!

- Kerry Backs Much of Pre-Emption Doctrine
Of course! The Democrats wrote it!
- Kerry Echoes Bush on Pre-emption
- Rush Limbaugh: Kerry Comes Out For Pre-emptive War
- Dan Flynn: Antiwar Democrats nominate pro-war candidate
- Do We Want a Left-wing War Criminal as President?
- On the War Issue, a Vote for Kerry is a Vote for Bush
- Kerry, Bush not far apart on foreign policy
- Little difference between Bush & Kerry
- Kerry, Bush on same page militarily
Minor differences pale in comparison to their similarities

- On Iraq, Bush Followed Kerry's Advice
- Bush & Kerry on Iraq: Who said what?
- Kerry supported Iraq war back in 1997
- If it's war you want, vote Kerry
- The Democrats aren't the anti-war alternative in 2004
- The Bush / Kerry War Ticket
- The Progressive Peacenik Myth
Contrary to the conventional wisdom, American imperialism is, at its roots, a left-wing disorder rather than a conservative impulse.

Note (6/16/04): I've been quite busy, with various things, some of which I've mentioned at my blog. I spent much of last week paying my respects to Ronald Wilson Reagan, the greatest president of our time. (I will have some more material on President Reagan up at my blog soon, including some on President Reagan's foreign policy, and how it was actually quite different from the interventionist foreign policy of this administration... Some of the material in the lower part of this post contains perspectives from Reagan administration officials about the Iraq war, and the current foreign policy situation.)

I also have posted an entry at my main blog congratulating former President George H. W. Bush on his 80th birthday. The Bush 41 adminstration's foreign policy was also very different from the foreign policy that this administration has ended up following, and many key members of the Bush 41 administration probably did not support this war. It is believed by some that Bush 41 himself opposed this war, which may have created a division between him and his son. (Former President Bush's displeasure over his son's foreign policy could be a reason why he last year, in a move that surprised some of my fellow conservatives, chose to bestow the award that bears his name to none other than... Senator Ted Kennedy.)

I wanted to note here some interesting news that has recently been reported - It seems that many supporters of the Iraq war are having doubts about the wisdom of it, and have been questioning the administration's policies in that country. I mention - above and below - that many members of the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations expressed opposition to the Iraq war, but now, some of those who seem to be questioning this war are actually from the Bush 43 administration... Secretary of State Powell has recently been attempting to distance himself from the war, and has claimed that deliberate deception was used to make the case for it.

An increasing number of conservatives and Republicans are criticizing the Bush administration's Iraq policy, and are having doubts about whether the war was the right thing to do. But, as I've been pointing out for awhile now, many of us opposed this war from the start, and more and more Americans - conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats, and others - are recognizing that we were correct to do so.

I noted below that I have decided to use this top entry of this blog to provide recent news and viewpoints... This blog was originally started, however, to be an archive of my past (pre-March 2003) main blog entries that had to do with war and foreign policy. Those entries, which were originally published at my main blog between September 2002 and March 2003, are still here, below.

Update (6/19/04):
Forget the Democrats: Bush Losing Support Among Republicans, Capitol Hill Blue (conservative web publication)

Update (6/25/04):
AOL News
Most Now Call Iraq War a Mistake, Poll Says
For the first time since the war in Iraq began, most Americans now say it was a bad idea, according to a new USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll. Details | Chat

Latest News and Views...

Note (4/13/04): While this blog, as indicated above, contains an archive of my past blog entries on the issues of war and foreign policy [the ones from March 2003 and earlier], I am also going to add a feature to this top entry here, in which I will post some of the latest news and viewpoints regarding current affairs and the war issue. I hope to update this feature at least somewhat regularly.

For now, here are some weekend readings:

U.S. Army War College: Bounding the Global War on Terrorism
Strategic Studies Institute

War, aging machines, costs, strain U.S. might, March 14, 2004
Units Prepare to Return to Iraq, March 13, 2004
Weekend peace march focuses on military families and veterans, March 12, 2004

NEW - An Insult to Our Soldiers, Bob Herbert, March 15, 2004

Reality 1, Neo-cons 0, William S. Lind
A Neoconservative End to Evil?, The American Conservative Union Foundation
For Empire or Vocation, Ever Forward!, Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski, USAF (Ret.)

Entry for Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Well, Spring Break is over, and school has begun again. And so has the war. I had been wanting to post updates about the war, but this is the first time that I am blogging since it began last Wednesday (March 19th).

I definitely wanted to say some things about the start of this war. It is important now that all of us - whether we have supported the idea of going to war with Iraq, or whether we have opposed it - stand behind our brave and heroic troops 100%, and pray for their security, their fortitude and faith, and their safe and speedy return after a successful mission abroad.

Below are some online resources with ways in which you can help support our troops:

Operation Military Pride - Adopt a Soldier; Send Care Packages Operation Military Pride
(Adopt a Soldier - Send Care Packages)

USO Care Packages USO Care Packages

Send a virtual 'Thank You' card!

Until they come home, help them keep in touch...
Operation Uplink

Write to our brave warriors
Operation Dear Abby

Volunteer at a veterans' facility Locate the VA facility nearest you... Now is the time to volunteer.

How to support our troops More information on how you can support our troops is available here from DefenseWatch (Soldiers for the Truth).
Entry for Monday, March 10, 2003

College Conservatives
Before I left for the convention (see my last entry), I was going to post some of the following:

In a comment post on Owen Courreges' blog, I wrote something about the differing views of college conservatives and Republicans with respect to a war with Iraq. (See the comments here by scrolling down to the bottom of the list.) Adrianne Truett shared on that discussion board that the conservatives at Harvard were also divided on this issue; she provided a link to The Harvard Salient, their "semi-conservative" student newspaper. After those comment posts, Owen posted an entry entitled "Taking on the anti-war Right" - it contains a response to this article by Salient editor Gladden J. Pappin.

Here are some viewpoints on war from college conservatives (and other non-leftists):

Weapons of Mass Deception - How the Gov't Scares Us Into War, Bill Barnwell [Barnwell archives]
White House Spins Axis of Evil, Stephen Beale [Beale archives]
A Crash Course for College Conservatives, Daniel McCarthy (2002 article) [McCarthy archives]
Remember, We're in a War, Rachel Anne Fajardo (2001 article) [Fajardo archives]
An Argument Against the Coming Iraq War, Kevin Vallier
Letter to a Middle-Aged Neocon, Marcus Epstein [Epstein archives] - new!
The Illegitimacy of the Second Gulf War, Pieter Friedrich [Friedrich home page] - new!
From the Front, Mike Ewens
An Open Letter to President Bush, Jeremy Loscheider

New article by Bill Barnwell: The Battle for Geopolitical Domination
(Bill is a well-known college conservative, and was one of the founders of and

NOTE: As I have said in previous posts: External links to articles and web pages from this blog are intended for reference and debate purposes only; I am not necessarily endorsing or agreeing with the viewpoints and the content of web pages that are linked to from this site. (In some cases, I haven't even had a chance to read through all of the pages.)

More on Republicans
I had earlier come across this news report about Jack Walters, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Boone County, Missouri. I especially liked this quote at the end of the article:

Boone County GOP Chairman under fire for anti-war stance [also posted here]
"Not everybody who is opposed to the war is over on the left wing. It goes beyond the loony left and the usual suspects. There's a broad spectrum of opposition."
- William Samuels, former GOP committee member

The other day, I found out that Mr. Walters is resigning his position as Boone County GOP Chairman in protest of the potential Iraq war. His statement of resignation has been posted on the web. And there is even an online petition that has started to correspond with this: Republicans Against War in Iraq. I don't think I'm going to sign, since it's at a Democratic site; it already has 54 signatures, though...

Update: A Letter to the Editor for Mr. Walters on this issue.

And speaking of war and resignations, the latest post at Hoosier Review is an interesting comment about this subject.

More on these issues, and other topics, will be posted soon. For now, good luck to all who have mid-terms this week...

Republicans Against the Iraq War

This is a good column that I had missed. I wish I had noticed it earlier, since it is by Tom Roeser, a well-known and distinguished Illinois conservative with his own radio show.

Chicago Sun-Times, March 15th: Warmongers have hijacked the GOP

And here is something from Washington University in St. Louis, home of college conservatives who are in tune with the Old Right:

Photos and coverage: Conservative/libertarian students rally against war...

Also check out the website of a student organization at I don't agree with some of their stances, but it looks like a cool group.

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